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We are lifting up the Leadership in Action Program (LAP) as our first case study for the Task Force for several reasons: 1.) the program has shown dramatic results in school readiness for children in Baltimore achieved in less than two years, 2.) they have consciously developed and tested their working assumptions through multiple iterations of program implementation to develop a solid theoretical base for their work, 3.) they are attempting to achieve population level results rather than focusing on individual development or stronger organizations. The Leadership in Action Program sponsored by Annie E. Casey brings together a diverse group of stakeholder focused on achieving a specific result. The foundation chooses an anchor institution to partner with, a city task force, a citizen group, a governor’s subcommittee. The anchor organization helps to recruit 40 participants who are chosen based on their ability to help make change happen, the resources they can bring to the table, and their positions in key organizations. It’s a diverse group from government, nonprofits, residents, faith based community, child advocates, and community leaders who all share a commitment to the well-being of kids and families. For example, one LAP program focused on preparing children in the city of Baltimore to enter school ready to learn.

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