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Subject: Annie E. Casey Foundation

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Cost Benefit Analyses for Leadership Programs PDF file [download] [more info]

LLC asked The Center for Assessment and Policy Development to investigate how leadership programs think about their benefits in relationship to their costs. The purpose of this project was to glean ideas and lessons from three case studies that would be useful to other programs that are considering doing a cost/benefit analysis of their work. The report includes a summary of themes and lessons, as well as some resources for assessing cost/benefit and return on investment, as well as case studies of three leadership programs.

Authors: Sally Leiderman

Subjects: return on investment, LeaderSpring, Horizons, cost benefit, Children and Family Fellowship, Annie E. Casey Foundation

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Annie E. Casey Foundation Leadership Development Initiative External website [view] [more info]

The Foundation and its partners are working to build a field well resourced with leaders capable of creating better futures for disadvantaged children and families. We do so by identifying emerging leaders and improving the skills of managers who can oversee cutting-edge organizations, implement complex system reforms, and lead struggling community-based groups. Visit our knowledge center at the link below.

Authors: Annie E. Casey Foundation

Subjects: Annie E. Casey Foundation, resources, leadership, knowledgebase, knowledge, development, center

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