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Subject: social network analysis

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LLC Social Network Analysis Project Final Report Microsoft Word file [download] [more info]

LLC, through its Community Seed Fund, recently supported four members of the Community (Bruce Hoppe, Meredith Emmett, Dianne Russell, and Odin Zackman) to test the usefulness of this methodology in different network contexts. The team produced a very informative summary about the outcomes of this project. One of the more interesting findings was that network maps can be a valuable tool for generating group reflection about itself. The study raised the question about which networks would find this a valuable tool and which might not. There is some indication that those networks that have a clear purpose, are more bounded and formalized, and that have outside funding, may be more motivated and interested in using network maps to deepen their understanding of themselves as a network. Another interesting lesson learned is that the interpretation of network maps is full of complexities. There is no single interpretation of what the maps mean. This means that the maps can lead to many interesting conversations. The summary does a nice job of specifying and evaluating the outcomes of the three projects that were part of the study. It provides valuable guidance to others who may consider undertaking an SNA of their leadership networks. In addition, the report analyzes the three networks along 11 dimensions. These will be helpful to you if you are looking to better understand the networks you are part of regardless of whether you use SNA or not. While our understanding of networks is still very much evolving, SNA is a promising tool to help us "see" leadership networks.

Authors: Claire Reinelt

Subjects: social network analysis

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Social Network Analysis and the Evaluation of Leadership Networks PDF file [download] [more info]

Leadership development practitioners have become increasingly interested in networks as a way to strengthen relationships among leaders in fields, communities, and organizations. This paper offers a framework for conceptualizing different types of leadership networks and uses case examples to identify outcomes typically associated with each type of network. One challenge for the field of leadership development has been how to evaluate leadership networks. Social Network Analysis (SNA) is a promising evaluation approach that uses mathematics and visualization to represent the structure of relationships between people, organizations, goals, interests, and other entities within a larger system. Core social network concepts are introduced and explained to illuminate the value of SNA as an evaluation and capacity-building tool.

Authors: Ph.D. and Claire Reinelt, Ph.D., Bruce Hoppe

Subjects: social network analysis

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Social Network Analysis for Leadership Learning Circles PDF file [download] [more info]

In July of 2006, the Leadership Learning Community (LLC) awarded a Community Seed Fund grant to explore the use of social network analysis (SNA) and assess its value to those who run, study, and fund leadership development programs. This report documents and synthesizes the teams' experiences using SNA in three communities and the three strikingly different results.

Authors: Odin Zackman, Meredith Emmett, Dianne Russell, Bruce Hoppe

Subjects: social network analysis, learning circle, evaluation

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