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Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Excellence External website [view] [more info]

A study was conducted on three hundred and fifty-eight Managers across the Johnson & Johnson Consumer & Personal Care Group (JJC&PC Group) globally to assess if there are specific leadership competencies that distinguish high performers from average performers. Participants were randomly selected, then coded for performance rating, potential code, gender, functional group and regional area. More than fourteen hundred employees took part in a one hundred and eighty three question multi-rater survey that measured a variety of competencies associated with leadership performance including those commonly referred to as Emotional Intelligence. Results showed that the highest performing managers have significantly more "emotional competence" than other managers. There was strong inter-rater agreement among Supervisors, Peers, and Subordinates that the competencies of Self-Confidence, Achievement Orientation, Initiative, Leadership, Influence and Change Catalyst differentiate superior performers. The high potential managers received higher scores in the emotional competencies by Peers and Supervisors, but not by Subordinates. Some gender difference was found, with Supervisors rating Females higher in Adaptability and Service Orientation, while Peers rated Females higher on Emotional Self-Awareness, Conscientiousness, Developing Others, Service Orientation, and Communication. Direct reports scored Males higher in Change Catalyst.

Authors: Kathleen Cavallo PsyD, Dottie Brienza MA

Subjects: leadership, theory, development, business, emotional, intelligence

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Integral Leadership Review External website [view] [more info]

The Integral Leadership Review is a publication of integrally informed approaches to leadership. It serves academics and practitioners engaged in the theory, development and practice of leadership. Now in its sixth year, the Integral Leadership Review provides a link and a bridge among leaders, theorists, educators, consultants, coaches and trainers in over thirty countries.

Authors: Russ Volckmann

Subjects: theory, magazine, leadership, journal, integral leadership, academic

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