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Subject: Health Foundation for Western and Central New York

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Leadership Application Projects: Health Leadership Fellows Program PDF file [download] [more info]

Leadership Application Projects A number of leadership programs apply principles of adult learning which emphasize the importance of experiential learning to the design of their programs. To do this they incorporate some kind of Action Project or Learning Project where participants have an opportunity to apply what they have learned to a leadership task or project. Some people wonder whether this practice that is designed to benefit participants also benefits the communities where these projects are implemented. The Leadership Learning Community (LLC), in partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership, evaluated the Health Foundation for Western and Central New York’s Health Leadership Fellows Program and conducted site visits to better understand the immediate and anticipated results of the program’s leadership projects. We produced the following two vignettes to depict the learning that occurred and benefit to the communities they serve.

Authors: Deborah Meehan, Tracy Patterson

Subjects: leadership, Health Leadership Fellows Program, Health Foundation for Western and Central New York

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