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A Norway Send Off to Claire

Claire is about to get a well deserved break as she heads for Norway with her husband Rick, who will be on sabbatical from Brandeis (of course Claire deserves her own sabbatical but we know how that goes in the non-profit sector).  Claire thought this would be an excellent time to transition from her role as senior staff to senior affiliate consultant.  We have all been paying more attention these days to what we like most and how we want to devote our energies. Claire acknowledged that her passion is really for evaluation research and consulting work, and not so much with the work of managing a non-profit which goes with being a senior staff member.  When she returns, we will be working with Claire as a senior consultant and boy will we miss her while she is gone, but of course not in a begrudging way.


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Changing of the Guard: What Generational Differences Tell Us About Social Change Organizations PDF file [download] [more info]

Both executive directors and staff frequently allude to generation-gap problems at social change nonprofits — those organizations that are trying to change "the system" rather than simply work within it. Not surprisingly, their accounts differ along generational lines.

Authors: Frances Kunreuther

Subjects: next generation, emerging leaders, generational transfer, organizational development, transitions

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Generational Changes and leadership: Implications for Social Change Organizations PDF file [download] [more info]

Generational changes and leadership is a study of social change organizations that examined differences between the Baby Boom generation and those who identify more with Generation X/Y with a special emphasis on young leadership. In person interviews were conducted with thirty-eight directors and staff working in sixteen nonprofits located in the northeast. Participants included older and younger directors and primarily younger staff.

Authors: Frances Kunreuther

Subjects: next generation, emerging leaders, generational transfer, transitions