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Kelly Hannum
Jennifer W. Martineau Claire Reinelt

Why did the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), the Leadership Learning Community (LLC), the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and more than 30 authors collaborate to write a book about the evaluation of leadership development? Quite simply, because there is considerable demand for guidance in evaluating leadership development by those who practice and fund development and evaluation in commercial and nonprofit organizations. In this volume we bring together distinguished authors with knowledge and expertise about leadership development evaluation, whose contributions can benefit leadership development evaluators, practitioners, and ultimately those participating in leadership development.

In this online companion to the book we offer brief summaries of each of the chapters along with resources for each chapter and links to the resources where possible. This information is available by clicking on the book's section titles or chapter headings. To learn more about or to order this book, click here.


Handbook of Leadership Development Evaluation


Part One: Designing Leadership Development Evaluations

Chapter 1 Experimental and Quasi-experimental Evaluations
S. Bartholomew Craig and Kelly Hannum

Chapter 2 Leading with Theory: Using a Theory of Change Approach for Leadership Development Evaluations
Manuel Gutiérrez and Tania Tasse

Chapter 3 EvaluLEAD: An Open Systems Perspective on Evaluating Leadership Development
John Grove, Barry Kibel and Taylor Haas

Chapter 4 Make Evaluation Work for the Greater Good: Fueling Generative Visions of Provocative Possibility and Responsive Praxis in Leadership Development

Hazel Symonette

Chapter 5 Measuring ROI in Leadership Development
Jack J. Phillips, Ph.D. and Patricia P. Phillips, Ph.D.

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Part Two: Leadership Development Evaluation in Context

Chapter 6 Building Leadership Development, Social Justice and Social Change in Evaluation through a Pipeline Program: A Case Study of the AEA/DU Graduate Education Diversity Internship Program
Prisca M. Collins and Rodney K. Hopson

Chapter 7 From The Inside Out: Evaluating Personal Transformation Leadership Efforts
Sally Liederman

Chapter 8 Evaluating Organizational Change/transformation Efforts
Nancy Vollmer LeMay and Alison Ellis

Chapter 9 The Importance of Local Context in Leadership Development and Evaluation
Larry Peters and John Baum

Chapter 10 Evaluating Community Leadership Programs
Teresa Behrens and Maenette Benham

Chapter 11 Evaluating Leadership as a Strategy to Transform Complex Systems

K. Jinnett and T. Kern

Chapter 12 Evaluating Leadership Development for Social Change
Kim Ammann Howard and Claire Reinelt

Chapter 13 Evaluating Youth Leadership Development through Civic Activism
Hanh Cao Yu, Heather Lewis-Charp and Michele Gambone

Chapter 14 Evaluating Leadership Efforts for Neighborhood Transformation

Nilofer Ahsan

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Part Three: Increasing Impact Through Evaluation Use

Chapter 15 Strategic Uses of Evaluation
E. Jane Davidson and Jennifer W. Martineau

Chapter 16 Evaluation for Planning and Improving Leadership Development Programs: A Comprehensive Framework
Karl Umble

Chapter 17 Communication in Evaluation: A Systems Approach
Darlene Russ-Eft

Chapter 18 Evaluation Learning in Community
Deborah Meehan and Claire Reinelt

Chapter 19 Continuous Learning
Rosalie T. Torres

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