Generating ideas, connections, and action

Learning Circles: A Collective Approach

Learning Circles allow LLC members to connect their learning and collectively tackle the questions most crucial to breakthroughs in leadership work. The Circles are organized based on geographic proximity within a region, a shared affinity around focus or identity (e.g. health leadership program staff, leadership funders), and specific themes and issues (e.g. evaluation, alumni development). We encourage members to propose ideas for Learning Circles and to facilitate Circles around the topics that are relevant to them and the larger community. For instance, one of our community members recently hosted a Circle on Shared Leadership.








Circles are really easy to organize and manage – all you need is a group of committed individuals who are passionate about a question or idea and willing to engage in meaningful discussions around the subject area. Here are the main considerations to keep in mind when creating a Circle:

  • The leader will work closely with LLC’s staff and board
  • No minimum size or duration required
  • Focus on learning and application
  • Document findings and recommendations will be shared with the LLC community

See the menu on the right for information on current Circles by topic and region. Also, visit the wiki section to read about findings and recommendations.


What’s Next?

Check out the events section to find out when the next Circle is coming up. To join a Circle, simply register for the community and select the Circle(s) that you want to participate in. Please contact us if you are interested in starting a Circle.