Generating ideas, connections, and action

A Diverse and Engaged Leadership Network

At the Leadership Learning Community, we strive to improve the leadership development field because we believe that through leadership, we can promote a more just and equitable society.

As a learning community, we provide our members with unparalleled access to resources and networking opportunities. Our members include a diverse group of hundreds of funders, practitioners and consultants, all of who are engaged in leadership development work, mostly in the nonprofit sector.  We identify emerging ideas and methodologies and host face-to-face and online learning opportunities, such as learning circles, where members are invited to explore these new developments in the field.  We are committed to documenting, posting and publishing the outcomes of the meetings on this website and our wikis.


 What does it mean to be an LLC member?

Becoming an LLC member means participating in and/or hosting learning events (face-to-face or online); interacting with other members through the website, wikis, events, online communities; participating in LLC’s research initiatives (such as Leadership for a New Era); accessing and contributing resources to this website and our wikis; supporting the community’s work, among other activities.  There are multiple ways of engaging with LLC, depending on each member’s needs and availability.  We encourage all members to participate in at least one event each year  (either face-to-face or online), share and access resources through our website, and keep nurturing the relationships that they establish with other members as those can provide valuable support for their work in the future.

As an LLC member, you will get access to the following benefits:

  • Peer Learning
    • Get exposed to cutting-edge ideas, tools or resources that you can use in your own work through our learning events, which include our national meetings, Learning Circles and Learning Labs
  • Strong Connections
    • Get connected to a knowledgeable group of funders, practitioners and consultants across the nation through our learning events, website and wikis
    • Interact with other members through the LLC Community Network, a social network dedicated to serving the LLC community and providing members with a space to interact and learn through forums, blogs, chats and more
    • Find other members, leadership development programs and consultants in the field through our comprehensive directory
  • Centralized Knowledge
    • Find the latest and most influential reports and tools in our extensive knowledge base

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How can I join?

Joining our community is fast, easy and free.  To join, simply create your account here and you will start receiving notifications about upcoming events and projects.  Once you create your free account, you can start adding resources to the knowledge base, registering for our learning events, adding your contact information to the directory, sharing your ideas through the community’s blog, and contacting other community members.

Please contact us for more information or if you have questions about joining LLC.