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EvaluLead - A Guide for Shaping and Evaluating Leadership Development Programs

Date of Publication: Sunday, January 9, 2005
Learning Circles: Evaluation Learning Circle
Abstract: This Guide is intended for both evaluation and program staff to use for conceptualizing and evaluating their leadership development programs. Framing their planning or evaluation activities through EvaluLEAD can help program stakeholders to: 1) more fully demonstrate how participants, their organization, and communities do or might benefit from their program experiences; 2) fine-tune a proposed or existing intervention so that it has farther reach and might thus better meet its goals; 3) more clearly connect participation in development experiences to the program’s more lofty bottom line (e.g., to change society for the better); 4) promote use of learning-centered reflection as a central evaluation activity; 5) pinpoint those requisite leadership competencies most appropriate for particular; and settings or program intentions; and 6) encourage more comprehensive discussion about what works, and why.
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