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Phone: (787) 977-3230

What are the desired outcomes of the program?

Does the program serve a specific population?

Yes : Sapientis recruits the most talented and committed college graduates from diverse majors and backgrounds who believe that students can and should achieve at high levels. Sapientis looks for students who not only want to be effective teachers, but also want to be lifelong leaders. To identify these students, Sapientis recruits at colleges and universities in both Puerto Rico and the United States using a variety of strategies aimed at attracting outstanding individuals to apply to our program. Qualified candidates must be college graduates, fluent in Spanish and with a GPA of at least 2.5.

What are key assumptions about leadership and how to support and develop leadership embedded in the program?

What leadership development theories does the program support?
What leadership devlopment approaches does the program support\utilize?
Community Leadership
What is the focus of the program?
What are the core components of the program? What leadership capacities does the program cultivate?
Not specified
Does the initiative have a "theory of change" or a "program logic model"? (will link to definition nodes on dev server)