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We offer three primary services but can also customize your plan based on your specific needs:


Consulting Services Overview


Evaluation Case Study

Network Development Case Study

1.  Scans

Our scans feature a thorough exploration of a particular issue or question, along with insightful analysis and recommendations. We combine in-depth research with qualitative data to capture the real essence of your research focus, and uncover promising practices and opportunities in your area of work.


2.  Evaluation

We apply a highly participatory approach that engages multiple stakeholders to achieve a deep and broad view of the challenges and opportunities, as well as the impact, of your program. We customize the evaluation work around the specific questions you are trying to answer and deliver evidence-based recommendations, leading to constructive changes in your organization or program strategies.


3.  Network Development Case Study

In 2009, the Leadership Learning Community partnered with The Synergos Institute to explore how the organization could better support collaborative action across its three networks: Senior Fellows' Program, the Global Philanthropist Circle (GPC), and the Arab Social Innovators. We conducted a scan of best practices related to network leadership, and presented strategic recommendations around network recruitment and selection, network weaving, network assessment, and network support.


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