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Webinar Recap: Equitable Evaluation - Integrating Cultural Competence and Equity ( December 2014)

Equitable Evaluation - Integrating Cultural Competence and Equity (December 2014)
Presenters: Jara Dean-Coffey, Principal and Founder, jdcPartnerships and Jill Casey, Associate, jdcPartnerships

Whether implicit or explicit, social justice and human rights are part of the mission of many social and philanthropic and sector organizations. Evaluation produced, consumed or used by either sector that doesn’t pay attention to the imperatives of cultural competency nor integrate an equity lens may be inconsistent with their missions. This webinar, based on Raising the Bar - Integrating Cultural Competence and Equity: Equitable Evaluation, offered a way to integrate cultural competence and equity in evaluation practice and a capacity building approach, focused on philanthropy, to build the capacities and competencies to do so. 

About the Presenters

Jara Dean-Coffey, Principal and Founder 
For nearly 20 years, Jara has designed and implemented processes and tools that integrate strategic thinking with evaluative inquiry. Her efforts support organizations in building their adaptive capacity and enhancing their mission related impact.  Clients include social, philanthropic, and public sector organization of all sizes, from annual budgets of $250,000 upward to revenues of over $1 billion. 
Jill Casey, Associate 
Jill brings 15 years experience in the field of evaluation in the public and social sectors to her work with jdcPartnerships. Having spent half of her career as part of an internal research and evaluation department, working closely with leadership and program staff, Jill sees her work as an integrated and integral component of strategy formation and ongoing organizational development. Her commitment to capacity building underlies her work with clients.