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Building Common Ground

Natalia Castañeda responds to: How Can Leadership Development Programs Make a Difference in the Challenges of Tackling Racism?


As part of this conversation, one of our colleagues started with the question “what can we, as people involved in leadership, do about situations like this – how can leadership development be an intervention for social change?” It was an interesting question that got me thinking about what is my role, as an individual, and the role of others around me. At LLC, we believe that everyone is a leader, and that leadership is a process through which individuals and groups act on behalf of a larger purpose.  So the question about what can those involved in leadership development do about it is not enough, because it’s not only an issue that affects the leadership development sector, but our society as a whole.  Situations like this are reminders that we cannot ignore the issue of inequities any longer, and that we all have to take steps to try to solve it – even if that means just starting to talk about it in an authentic way, not only with your group of peers who may share your views, but more importantly with others who may share different views, to try to understand each other and build some common ground.