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LLC MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Announcing the Design Team for Creating Space 2013

This year’s Creating Space will focus on Breaking New Ground: Leadership Development for Social Innovation and Impact.  We assembled a diverse team of thought leaders to help us design a unique learning experience that allows participants to consider a broad range of leadership development experiences, both tried and true and unconventional approaches that could elevate our work to a new level of impact on complex social issues.


Take a look at the design team for Creating Space 2013!

  • Ashley B. Stewart, The Annie E. Casey Foundation: Ashley is a Senior Associate in the Talent and Leadership Development Unit with the Annie E. Casey Foundation. He is also part of the Leadership Learning Community Board of Directors. Ashley brings expertise around leadership development and capacity building.
  • Ceasar McDowell, Interaction Institute for Social Change (IISC): Ceasar is the IISC’s Executive Director and a participant of previous Creating Space events.  He brings expertise around civic engagement and democracy.
  • Elissa Perry, Think.Do.Repeat: Elissa is an independent leadership development consultant. She focuses on cross-sector collaboration and has experience working with the nonprofit, academic and arts sectors.  She has also participated in the design team of previous creating spaces.
  • Jean Burkhardt, Independent Consultant: Jean has been a long time active contributor, collaborator and thought partner who has participated in many of the Leadership Learning Community's convenings. She brings expertise around leadership development focused on rural communities. 
  • June Holley, Network Weaver: June provides consulting, training and coaching to organizations around the world who are interested in creating healthier communities through a better understanding of networks, collaboration, innovation and learning.
  • Kenneth Bailey, Design Studio for Social Intervention: Kenny brings expertise around design thinking, activism, organizational development and community building.
  • Milano Hardin, The Genius Group: Milano is this year’s facilitator for Creating Space.  He has extensive training in leadership and organizational development, nonprofit management & strategy, cultural diversity and inclusion, and community health improvement. 
  • Odin Zackman, DigIn: Odin has participated in several Creating Space events, both as a participant and as a facilitator.  He has twenty years of experience in community and environmental education, organizational and leadership development, and facilitation and community design.
  • Shifra Bronznick, Bronznick & Co LLC: Shifra specializes in launching new initiatives, fostering collaborations, and helping nonprofit organizations navigate change.
  • Deborah Meehan, Natalia Castaneda and Miriam Persely, Leadership Learning Community (LLC): Deborah is LLC’s Executive Director. She brings experience in leadership development, network development, racial equity and community building.  Natalia is LLC’s Marketing and Communications Director, and will bring expertise in community engagement and communications strategies.  And Miriam is LLC’s Administrative Assistant, who will work to make sure the logistics for the event are in place.

We hope you can join us May 8-10th in Baltimore, Maryland for this transformative learning experience.


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