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Creating Space A Labor Of Love

Creating Space is by far one of my most favorite LLC events. So as you can imagine, it’s getting harder to rein in the excitement with only a few weeks left to go.


As I reflect on why this event is one of my favorites, it  really starts with all of you. Creating Space is where we are able to connect face-to-face and deepen our connections. We  learn about your current work and how we are all influencing the leadership development field and together continue to expand our collective knowledge. These are three days of genuine connection building. I have fond memories of many deep conversations that I keep circling back to in the many phases of my own work. I’ve had expansive conversations on networks, leadership development, and equity. I’ve heard and shared stories of the challenges of balancing self-care and the urgency of community needs on the field.  I reflect back on what I learn from many of you in Baltimore, Oakland, and Detroit and am continuously sustained by the commitment and dedication all of you have to continue to transform our society.

Creating Space is not your typical conference. As some of you may know, Creating Space is a process. For instance, this year, months ago, we called on a few of you to join us in peer focus groups to bounce ideas on the form Creating Space would take this year. From the feedback we heard from these field consultants, leadership development practitioners, and funders we completely shifted our process to address the need for spaces that focuses on the challenges we are all facing to activate systemic racial equity. We then teamed up with organizational partners, recruited a design team, and have spent countless hours envisioning the design of our unconference, leaving plenty of space and room for those in the room to share their own stories, creating a space, this year,  highly needed for learning.


As more of you confirm your attendance, I am excited to meet new faces, to reconnect with long-time friends, and commit to be present as fully as I can for the conversations that will no doubt grow my learning and hope together we can share implementable recommendations with the field.   I look forward to connecting with you in New Orleans and learning about your work, connecting around what motivates you in this work, and finding opportunities to work together.

If you haven’t registered, it’s not t0o late to join us.