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Leadership Tools for Sustaining A Network: The Technology Behind The Scenes


Wednesday May 31st, 2017

11:00 am Pacific | 2:oo pm Eastern


Sustaining a network requires strategy and technology to leverage the full potential of a network is a critical 21st century leadership competency. With so many options, it can feel overwhelming to know what to use and how to use it. In this webinar, we will walk through some of the platforms we use to leverage the work around us for some of our consulting projects. This will be a technical walkthrough to inspire you to use these tools in your own leadership work. Our objective is to share how we create and sustain network structures in our work and introduce you to the possibilities available to you.

Together we will walk through how to use Google Drive, Google Websites, and ListServs. If you’re interested in expanding your knowledge of how to use this technology, join us on May 31st from 11am -12pm Pacific and bring your questions.

**This webinar is not sponsored by any of the platforms shared and is purely for sharing knowledge with all of you. We are not being paid for this webinar. In addition, these platforms are also low-cost and readily accessible.






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