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Follow up on Leading from the Inside Out Webinar: Guest Blog Post by Stacy Kono and Pia Infante

Leading from the Inside OutNote: This is a follow up article for the recent webinar: Leading from the Inside Out, featuring Stacy Kono and Pia Infante


Leadership from the Inside Out: Sharing Rockwood Leadership Institute’s Model


Thanks to so many folks for joining the Leadership Learning Community webinar on Leadership from the Inside Out, Rockwood Leadership Institute's approach to transformative leadership! It was great to share with you the thinking that Rockwood has developed over the last 13 years to support social change leaders in their sustainability and impact!


Rockwood’s purpose is to provide personal transformative leadership practices and resources that connect social change leaders in powerful networks to create a just, sustainable, and equitable world. We define leadership as the ability to align and inspire others towards common goals.

Through the Art of Leadership (which is our public program), and our Fellowship Programs, Rockwood convenes and provides tools to leaders in the environmental, labor, racial justice, health, immigrant rights and other movements.

The underlying pedagogy of our approach include mindfulness practice, adult learning, the human potential movement of the 60s and 70s and applied learning of what makes successful social movements.

In the webinar presentation, we shared with you the three major challenges facing social change leaders across all the sectors in which we’ve worked: burnout; conflict and competition within organizations and networks; and the isolation of leaders.

Rockwood addresses these challenges by creating the space for leaders to discover their strengths, areas for growth and impact on others so they can be more effective in achieving their larger social change vision with others. This is what it means to lead from the inside out – inner awareness = outer impact how one impacts others.

Our curriculum is based on six fundamental practices that enable leaders to strengthen their leadership for social change:

  • Purpose
    To live and lead from the principles which give our lives meaning.
  • Vision
    To create and articulate a clear and compelling picture of our desired future.
  • Partnership
    To build and maintain strong interdependent relationships that advance our vision.
  • Resilience
    To shift from reactivity to a state of resourcefulness in moments of stress and crisis.
  • Performance
    To enhance our capacity to produce results that further our vision.
  • Personal Ecology                  
    To maintain balance, pacing, efficiency to sustain our energy over a lifetime of activism.

These practices, through the training “technology” of interactive exercises, reflection processes and group work, support leaders to reconnect with their passion to lead and gain valuable tools to be more effective in inspiring others to create a better world.

We invite folks to experience our approach by applying to the Rockwood Art of Leadership.  
Go to our website for the upcoming schedule of trainings: