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2013 Webinar: Making Social Identity Part of Community Leadership Development | Mon. July 29, 2013

Presenters: Kelly HannumTim Leisman, and Stephanie Walker of Center for Creative Leadership®

Topic: Making Social Identity Part of Community Leadership Development

Date: Mon, July 29, 2013 | 11:00am – 12:00pm PDT


Shared and effective community leadership can be helped or hindered by our conceptions of and experiences with people from different identity groups. Add to that the reality that our experiences are embedded in larger social identity structures and dynamics within communities that in many cases are reinforcing negative patterns. So how can social identity best be raised and addressed in community leadership development programs? How can ideas about social identity expand our thinking about community and about leadership?  We are on a journey to develop a curriculum that can serve as a resource to community leaders (and by leaders we mean everyone contributing to leadership, not just those with a formal leadership role). Specifically we aim to build awareness about social identity dynamics in people and communities to enhance the ability of individuals and groups to work together more effectively in order to achieve "common good" community outcomes.



Kelly Hannum
Director of Global Research Insights
Center for Creative Leadership® 

Tim Leisman
Research Consultant
Center for Creative Leadership® 

Stephanie Walker
Project Director
               IMPACT Greensboro               





Making Social Identity Part of Community Leadership Development from Leadership Learning Community on Vimeo.