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Share Your Feedback on the Creating Space X | 2013 Survey & Participate in Learning Clusters

We invite you to complete this short survey by June 28th and help us learn more about how to best support your learning. We welcome your feedback and are looking forward to learning about what worked and what could be improved for next year's Creating Space. We have also included a section on self-organizing opportunities, so you can indicate if you are interested in participating in learning clusters of your choice. The survey should only take approximately 10 minutes to complete. *Additionally, by completing the survey, you can opt in to participate in a raffle to get a 50% discount on next year's Creating Space. 

Share Your Feedback: Complete the survey to indicate if you are interested in participating in any of the listed Learning clusters.


Stay Connected: Review Learning Cluster Themes. A learning cluster is a group of people who want to learn, share and support each other around a particular topic. You can indicate which learning clusters interest you on the survey.


Self Organize: Reach out to others in your area using the list of participants or google group.
To request access to either, please contact


Learning clusters: A learning cluster is a group of people who want to learn, share and support each other around a particular topic. June Holley has agreed to be on a first call with a group to describe the processes of a learning cluster.


Learning Topics
The following topics were identified during the Creating Space event in Baltimore:  

1.    Leadership Scope and Scale

  • How to scale and multiply good work


2.    Leadership Evaluation Outcomes

  • Documentation- What do we know?


3.    Exploring New Definitions of Leadership

  • Seeing leadership in atypical programs/individuals

  • Validating different approaches


4.    Diversity and Leadership

  • Investing in POC leaders

  • Mobilizing and harnessing ethnic, linguistic and cultural differences


5.    Community Leadership

  • Engaging community wisdom


6.    Leadership and Personal Development

  • Social media skills for change

  • Personal transformation and balance for change

    • Mindfulness

    • Healing


7.    Leadership and Systems Change

  • How to design leadership development for mindset and systems shift


8.    Youth Leadership/Emerging Leaders

  • Empowering millennials to be disruptive leaders

  • Story share and intergenerational leadership

  • How to make leadership development sustainable?


9.    Leadership and Innovation

  • Create opportunities for experiments

  • Balance history/experience with new ideas

  • How to create opportunities for leaders to be disruptive?


10.  Leadership and Networks

  • Establish alliances

  • Balance collaboration/networks with time constraints

  • What can help networks thrive?

  • Importance of interdependency

  • How networks support transformational leadership

  • How to align our work (as a group) around the same action/impact


11.  Global Leadership

  • Relevance of US leadership to global leadership


12.   Leadership and Equity

  • Learning from indigenous cultures

  • Break cycle of oppression within systems

  • More urgency around addressing inequity

  • Social justice commitment


13.  Collaboration

  • Bringing others to the table

  • Forging relationships and partnerships across multiple fields



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