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Creating Space: Short Survey, Networking and Self-Organizing Opportunities


Dear Participants, 

We want to thank everyone who attended the tenth Creating Space this May in Baltimore, MD! We hope that it was a space for everyone to reflect, have dynamic discussions, and make relevant connections. It was an honor to hold the space for these connections to happen and we hope you will be encouraged to continue this momentum by the following avenues.

Share Your Feedback!

We invite you to complete this short survey  and help us learn more about how to best support your learning. We welcome your feedback and are looking forward to learning about what worked and what could be improved for next year's Creating Space. We have also included a section on self-organizing opportunities, so you can indicate if you are interested in participating or organizing peer assists, regional meetups or other options. The survey should only take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Additionally, by completing the survey, you can opt in to participate in a raffle to get a 50% discount on next year's Creating Space. 

Stay Connected!
  • Google Group: All Creating Space 2013 participants have been added to the Creating Space Google Group. If you need to request access to the group, please contact us.
  • Creating Space Scrapbook: Many participants created a 'face sheet' at the event with photos and contact information. The scrapbook has been shared privately with participants. If you need to request access to the scrapbook, please contact us.
Participate in Self-Organizing Projects:

As you may recall, June Holley presented some self-organizing options during the last day of the conference. Please complete the survey  to indicate if you are interested in participating in any of the following activities: 

  • Peer assist/coaching: A peer assist is meant to support individuals interested in problem-solving through concrete application and tapping into the diverse experiences of colleagues. Deborah Meehan from LLC is willing to assist the first 5 peer assist groups organized.
  • Learning clusters: A learning cluster is a group of people who want to learn, share and support each other around a particular topic. June Holley has agreed to be on a first call with a group to describe the processes of a learning cluster.
  • Organize events by city/state: Refer to the list of all the participants so you can reach out to others in your area and organize local events.
  • Follow up on the Design Challenge project: If you would like to continue the conversation around the Design Challenge, please reach out to others through the google group.
Share Your Opinion!

We hope to hear from you about your reflections and learnings following the event! The LLC team has shared some reflections through the community blog, and we encourage all of you to share your own reflections about the event.

If you are interested in writing a guest blog, please contact us

Here are some of the articles by the LLC team: 

Event Media:

A very special Thanks to Eugene Eric Kim for his wonderful photos and videos!

Do you have photos or video you'd like to share with us? 

Broadcast Videos:

Please let us know if you have any questions.



The Creating Space Design Team



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