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2012 Webinar: Going After Big Results: A Different Take on Leadership Development | Monday, November, 19 2012

Presenter: Jolie Bain Pillsbury

Topic: Going After Big Results: A Different Take on Leadership Development

Date: Monday, November, 19 2012 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT

The Leadership Learning Community is committed to promoting leadership approaches that are more inclusive, networked and collective.  Innovative programs that focus leadership supports on people who want to make change together (and not just on individuals) are achieving more impressive improvements in the well being of people and communities.  One thing that these programs have in common is a willingness to put a stake in the ground committing to a significant community benefit and they support individuals and organizations in the process of aligning and learning from their efforts to bring about this change.  One program that you will come across frequently in LLC’s writing because it successfully integrates these elements is the Leadership in Action Program funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.  The program is informed by and tests a solid leadership theory, The Theory of Aligned Contribution developed by Jolie Bain Pillsbury.  We are happy to have Jolie as a guest presenting this theory and her research findings which have broad application to people passionate about leadership development and social change that produces measurable results for communities.


Jolie Bain Pillsbury
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2012 Webinar: Going After Big Results: A Different Take on Leadership Development | Follow-Up Blog with Jolie Bain Pillsbury


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