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Designing Leadership Support/Development Approaches that are Race Conscious and Contribute to Racial Equity

Appreciation and update: First of all, a huge appreciation to the many folks who have been contributing to our collaborative work to create a useful and rich racial equity resource for folks who provide and fund leadership development. We are definitely smarter together as those of you who have watched and supported the development of this will have seen.  We would like to propose some next steps to current and new contributors (it's definitely not too late to help.)


Creating diagnostics: Ultimately, what we would like to do with this document is create a supporting online diagnostic tool to help programs understand where they may need to double down in their efforts to offer race conscious leadership supports that contribute to racial equity. The diagnostic tool could also serve to provide a snapshot of how strong a specific approach will be in contributing to racial equity for potential funders. You will see in each section we are now creating a checklist to lay the groundwork for a tool. Ultimately, we would like to organize the recommendations/resources we are aggregating and link them to the major areas of the diagnostics. For example, a low score on designing and delivering leadership supports would direct you to specific design recommendations and models.

Of course, the reason for doing all of this is to shift practice and behaviors among leadership funders and providers. In two months, we will host a webinar for contributors and all who are interested in brainstorming how we can promote these recommendations and exert influence in the field. Please keep an eye out for more information.


Three things you can do to help:


  • Help formulate questions for the diagnostic: Again, each section will have a box for diagnostic questions.


  • As you read through, please think about what is missing: For example, I have been in a number of conversations lately about white supremacist culture in communications, organizations and leadership development. This needs to be more explicitly addressed and create more integration of the parts.


  • Add models: There are positive models of folks who are doing this work well, and people learn a lot from seeing and hearing about what it looks like in practice. Please add models to the resource list. In addition to including them as a resource, we have been lifting up leadership development approaches that are doing this well and will share their work in the LLC webinar series. We will invite the programs you recommend to participate.


Edit using our shared document: Leadership Development that Contributes to Racial Equity: What will it take?