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A Fond Farewell To Natalia

It’s not easy to say goodbye to Natalia and those of you who know her understand why.  For months, Natalia has tried to prepare us for this day. Her family is in Orange County and she moved to Los Angeles to be close. Still, we miss her. 

Aside from being very funny and making us laugh, a lot, Natalia is leaving LLC with some impossibly large shoes to fill.  Natalia started with LLC in 2009 as our Marketing and Communications Director.  If since then you have been appreciating our monthly newsletter or webinar series you can thank Natalia.  You may have noticed our new look, the glossy publications and consulting materials…yes, thanks to Natalia.  Our learning community grew from 600 leadership funders, program staff and researchers to a network of over 4,000 people.  Natalia was so successful in helping people understand our consulting services that our business has flourished and then we had a new need, managing complex projects. 

Natalia has always been proactive; when she saw this need, she took action and found someone at her first CompassPoint conference to come help LLC with our business modeling.  Two years ago, when we decided to hire a Managing Director Natalia threw her hat in the ring and brought a number of amazing systems to bolster LLC infrastructure and capacity to take on more work.  Natalia proved to be an exceptional project manager.  Those of you who have worked on LLC consulting teams know this first hand.  In fact, she has been hired by a tech company in the LA area to do project management and marketing.  We hope they know how lucky they are to get a super star like Natalia.

Of course I am disappointed that Natalia will not be staying to take on the reins at LLC but I know how important family is and totally support her decision.  I had some interesting conversations with Natalia about her interest in tech companies and in returning to the business sector.  I have asked her to guest blog next month about her decision to leave the nonprofit sector, at least for the time being. I think these are important conversations for those of who want to retain talent like Natalia for the nonprofit sector.  We benefited tremendously from her time with us and we will continue to benefit for a long time to come from the systems she helped us to develop. 

Thank you Natalia for an amazing 6 years! We miss you. 


thank you, Natalia!

Natalia, you have meant so, so much to the organization. You came on board at a tough time for the organization, and your professionalism, thoughtfulness, and boldness helped take us to new heights despite challenging circumstances. Not only was it amazing to watch you work from day one, but it's been incredibly gratifying to watch you grow into your own leadership and to let the rest of us see more of that great sense of humor and humanity that Deborah mentioned. Thank you so much for everything, and best wishes for new adventures. We will definitely stay in touch.