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Promoting Equity and Eliminating Disparities in Healthcare: Findings from the Disparities Leadership Program Evaluation


We invite you to join LLC for an upcoming webinar to discuss the leadership development approach and evaluation of the Disparities Leadership Program (DLP). DLP is designed to equip a cadre of leaders in healthcare with:

  • in-depth knowledge of the field of disparities,

  • cutting-edge quality improvement strategies for identifying and addressing disparities, and

  • the leadership skills to implement these strategies and facilitate organizational transformation towards greater equity.


The DLP is a one year executive leadership program that begins with a formal skills curriculum delivered during a two-day face-to-face intensive training session.  Teams from hospitals, community health centers, and health plans apply to the program. They bring with them a well-thought out plan or proposal for advancing disparities work in their organization, and the support of senior leadership from their organizations to participate in the DLP program.

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Looking Forward and Looking Back: Reflections on My Transition

I have been honored over the past seven years to be part of the Leadership Learning Community’s leadership team, and for the past twelve years to have helped nurture the LLC community, particularly the Evaluation Learning Circle, and the Boston Learning Circle. Beginning February 1st, I will be taking a five month sabbatical and transitioning my role from being on staff at LLC to the role of senior affiliate consultant. Rick (my husband) and I will be living in Oslo, and traveling to London, Copenhagen, and Berlin. I look forward to having time to step back and reflect on twelve years of learning about leadership and social change, writing and continuing to consult on a smaller number of projects while I’m gone and when I return at the end of June.

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Boston LLC Convening on Leadership and Collective Impact

Boston LLC Convening:
Leadership and Collective Impact:
Building Social Capital, Expanding Civic Engagement, Empowering Communities
December 7, 2012


Who Was Engaged

● Neighborhood Funders
● Network weavers
● Community capacity-builders
● Organizational development consultants,
● Network and systems mapping consultants
● Developmental evaluators
● Creative outside the box experimenters
● Leadership development practitioners

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Making a Significant Difference: Harvesting Outcomes and Results of Community Leadership Investments


The Leadership Learning Community, the Bush Foundation, Clearway Minnesota, and Consumer Health Foundation hosted 25 funders and evaluators with deep knowledge about, and passion for, making a significant positive difference for people and communities through leadership investments.

One of our goals was to harvest learning about significant outcomes and results from community leadership investments.  We used a modified “Most Significant Change” process with everyone creating a large stickie with a headline about their outcome or result (and one or two notes underneath to explain).  We worked as a group to cluster the stickies into five topic areas for deeper discussion and learning. 

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Community Development Learning Network

I recently participated in a “think tank” for researchers and evaluators that have been meeting to harvest their learning from community leadership development research and evaluations; and share it with the community leadership development field. The “think tank” met this week to outline a white paper on lessons learned. Topics included in the white paper include focusing on: (1)  purpose and results of leadership development; (2) who is recruited to participate; (3) how the program is designed and delivered; (4) the content of the program; (5) how impact is evaluated; and (6) future research questions. We will share this white paper when it comes out.  In the meantime, the “think tank” will present its lessons learned and examples of work in an upcoming LLC webinar in October.  Stay tuned to the LLC webinar page for the announcement of dates.

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Learnings from the Community Leadership Project

The Community Leadership Project  is a three year investment strategy by Packard, Hewlett, and Irvine foundations to strengthen the organizational and leadership capacities of small organizations serving low-income people and communities of color in the San Joaquin Valley, the Central Coast and the San Francisco Bay Area in California. Twenty-seven (27) intermediaries were funded to provide core financial and tailored support to small to mid-size nonprofits to build five capacities:  adaptive, leadership, operational/management, programmatic, and community/collaborative.  Ten intermediaries were funded under the leadership strategy.  
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Egypt’s Revolution: A Riveting Story of Activism Online and in the Streets

Revolution 2.0. Right: Wael Ghonim. Photo: International Monetary Fund, Flickr.

I was inspired to write this blogpost because I have been intrigued by the relationship between online activism and activism in the streets since being asked by a client how to understand the connection between the two. When does online activism move to the streets? What are the practices and actions that people take online to build momentum and prepare themselves? How do online and in the streets activists work together to create a movement for change?

I’ve been reading the memoir of Wael Ghonim, the Egyptian architect of the Facebook revolution.  In his memoir, Revolution 2.0:  The Power of the People Is Greater Than the People in Power, Ghonim provides an intimate look into his mindset and actions in the early days of Internet activism to mobilize opposition to the Egyptian police state.  His telling of how Egyptian youth used the Internet to take a stand and move into the streets is an absolutely riveting story. 

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LLC MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Global Public Health Leadership Development Consultant, Dr. Donna Dinkin


Donna Dinkin 2012We are happy to have this opportunity to profile the work of a valued colleague and community member.  We came into contact with Donna first through our evaluation work and then through meetings at the Leadership Development Network for Public Health Programs.  We leveraged Donna’s public health background as part of a team we put together for a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation project to understand influence in state and local public health Action Networks across North Carolina.  Since that time, we have invited Donna to share her action learning model in one of our Leadership for a New Era webinars.  We believe that action learning is a crucial component of collective leadership and we appreciate her contributions to those who are looking for more inclusive, networked and collective leadership models and tools.

Donna Dinkin is a global public health leadership development/evaluation consultant and action learning coach. Her two teen boys are quick to point out that her long title actually means that she doesn’t have a ‘real’ job. She doesn’t argue this point. She tells them they are correct. She doesn’t have a ‘job’; she has is a meaningful career. She is living her dream.

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Evaluating Leadership and Community Change: Some Reflections from Leadership Chautauqua


I had the pleasure of being a catalyst host for a conversation on evaluating community leadership and community change with Becky Kroll and Diane Morehouse at Leadership Chautauqua. They have worked extensively in hard-to-reach communities evaluating leadership and community transformation through their work with Horizons, a community leadership initiative to reduce poverty in the small towns of the Northwestern United States.  Here is a short list of resources we created on evaluating community leadership and community change for our session on Changing Expectations:  Targeting and Measuring Impact on Community Change.

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