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Early, Very Early, Thoughts, Reflections and Commitment to Action

After several attempts at writing something about the election, I realized I remain too angry, confused and fearful. I think a little background might shed light on my reaction. I was born to parents who both survived death camps in Germany and Poland, who met in a displaced persons camp in Feldafing, Germany and where I was born in 1947. We arrived in the U.S. as “stateless” refugees. I grew up surrounded by those who were survivors, I heard stories, saw photographs and became acutely aware of the power of words. These last few months leading up to the election echoed some of the stories demonizing the “other” that I heard throughout my childhood. I knew there was no choice, but to step up, speak up and do what I could to stem the tide of injustice toward those perceived as “other.” read more »

How To Take Down A Government Through Facebook

Sometimes leadership shows up in the most unexpected ways. For instance, we post an invite on Facebook, meant only for our small group of friends, to show up and demonstrate for the Vice President to step down. Suddenly, that post goes viral and one person's frustration with government corruption echoes that of the of their fellow citizens and thousands show up. That is exactly what happened to Lucia of Guatemala. We invite you to turn up your speakers and listen to this podcast on Reply All where Lucia posted "Quit Already" and helped take down a government.

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Member Spotlight on June Holley

As LLC began to explore the intersection of networks and leadership we found a perfect partner in June Holley.  June is the guru of network weaving so we jumped on the chance to participate in a 9 month virtual Network Weaving Community of Practice that June helped to organize and facilitate for the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.  Deborah and June knew they were kindred spirits and sought each other out at a meeting of the Network Funders Network.  They were not sure what they would do together, but knew if they spent a little time getting to know each other that it would become clear, and it did. 

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Announcing 2012 OSI-Baltimore Community Fellowship Opportunity

OSI-Baltimore invites you to send in your applications!

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2012 Webinar: Action Learning - Maximizing Its Use in Community-Based Leadership Development Programs

Presenter:  Donna R. Dinkin, DrPH, MPH

Date:  Monday, April 23rd 11:00AM-12:00 Noon PDT (2:00P-3:00PM EDT)

This webinar is for individuals who are interested in maximizing the use of action learning as a component of a formal leadership development program. Specifically, the session will define ‘action-learning’, will highlight how this methodology is being used in public health leadership development programs and will briefly describe strategies and challenges for coaches of community-based action-learning teams.

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Member Spotlight: Dianne Yamashiro-Omi


Dianne Yamashiro-Omi, Senior Program Officer at The California Endowment, is a big picture thinker.  We were drawn to her many years ago when she began talking about boundary-crossing leadership.  We felt very lucky to be a partner in this work, running a learning circle for her grantees so that we could all learn more about how to support leaders who can build bridges across boundaries. One divide that can be tricky is the one between funder and grantee, but Dianne brings a keen awareness of power dynamics. She frequently asked how her presence might alter a frank conversation and offered to attend (or even not attend) meetings to support candid learning. Dianne has been an invaluable learning partner asking the kind of tough questions we love about racial justice and the kind of leadership it would really take to tackle inequities in the health of Californians.  read more »

Guest Blog Post by Curtis Ogden: If You Till It, They Will Come: Nurturing Collective Leadership Webinar

This article was originally posted on Interaction Institute for Social Change (IISC) (the webinar powerpoint is available here)

Picking up from Gibran’s post yesterday and continuing in the vein of follow-up to our LLC webinar on collective leadership, I want to respond to some of the questions we did not have a chance to answer or answer fully from participants, including requests for examples of collective leadership in action and inquiries about blocks and how to work through or overcome them.

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2012 Webinar: Confessions of a Network Strategist: Lessons Learned from the 1st Year of Education Pioneers' Network Strategy

Presenter: Jason Weeby, Education Pioneers

Date: Wednesday, March 14 11:00AM-12:00 Noon PDT (2:00PM-3:00PM EDT)

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Guest Blog Post by Gibran Rivera: If You Till It, They Will Come: Nurturing Collective Leadership Webinar

This article was originally posted on Interaction Institute for Social Change (IISC) (the webinar powerpoint is available here)

Last Tuesday, Curtis Ogden and I had the privilege of hosting an LLC webinar on collective leadership.  Much of what we did was point to observable patterns in ways of working together and how these tend to open up possibilities for shared leadership.  The metaphor of tilling the soil is most appropriate precisely because we have run up against the limitations of industrial implementation.  The appropriate response to increasing complexity is one that can get beyond linear causality and into a mindset of ecosystems.

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2012 Webinar: The Promise and Perils of Supporting and Evaluating Network Formation and Development

Presenters: Kim Ammann Howard (BTW information change), Melanie Moore (See Change), Claire Reinelt (Leadership Learning Community)

Date: Wednesday, February 15 11:00-12:00 Noon PDT (2:00-3:00PM EDT)

In recent years, leadership funders have begun experimenting widely with how to move beyond investments in programs and organizations to funding the formation and development of networks in order to catalyze greater collective impact. Drawing on the experiences and examples of three leadership and network evaluators, this session explored the following questions.

  • What are the promises and perils of investing in network formation? What evaluation questions are important to ask?
  • What are critical practices for supporting and nurturing the emergence and development of networks? How can evaluation inform the development and support of networks over time?
  • What are promising practices for evaluating network behavior and network effects in the early stages of network formation?

This session provided useful advice on how to fund, support, and evaluate network potential and sustainability in the earliest phases of network formation.

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