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Follow Up on Promoting Equity in Healthcare Webinar: The Power of the Peer Network and Support

Note: This is a follow up article for the recent webinar on Promoting Equity in Healthcare: Evaluating the Impact of the Disparities Leadership Program, featuring Joseph R. Betancourt, MD, MPH and Roderick K. King, MD, MPH of Massachusetts General Hospital


When the Disparities Solutions Center at Massachusetts General Hospital launched the Disparities Leadership Program (DLP) in 2007, our goal was to provide health care leaders across the country with the tools and skills needed to identify and address disparities, as well as the leadership skills required to transform their organizations. Building a program that provided technical assistance seemed like a natural fit as well, given the demand for this prior to the creation of the DLP. One thing we didn't fully appreciate when the program was conceived was the benefit of building and connecting a community of leaders who were all out in the "real world" committed to the same set of actions – addressing disparities and achieving health equity within their organization.

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