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LLC’s Presence in Key Leadership Conferences

As an innovator in the leadership field, the Leadership Learning Community is invited to participate in several key conferences and events across the nation.  Here are some of the most recent presentations:




Conference: Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy

Speaker: Deborah Meehan

Date: April 2013

Overview: Philanthropy supports a wide range of causes, from the arts to hunger relief to community organizing. Some foundations are explicit about their social justice values, while others take a different approach to the work.

Whatever your personal mission or the philosophy of your current institution may be, EPIP challenges you to learn new ways of grantmaking that will have a greater impact on the communities that you serve. This means understanding the practice of social justice philanthropy and the power that comes with grassroots community organizing.

For some, this track will teach the basics of social justice philanthropy. For others, it will explore a more advanced frame of racial equity grantmaking and tools to address structural barriers that may greatly impede a foundation’s ability to make change. EPIP encourages you to step outside the box and learn the techniques of the future.



Conference: International Association of Programs for Agricultural Leadership

Speaker: Claire Reinelt, Kelly Hannum

Date: October 2012

Overview: The International Association of Programs for Agricultural Leadership
(IAPAL) is a consortium of leadership programs in the USA and several
other countries. LLC's Research and Evaluation Director, Claire
Reinelt, will partner with Kelly Hannum from the Center for Creative
Leadership for a  participatory keynote session titled "Reimagining
Agricultural Leadership in the 21st Century".

Conference: 2012 Independent Sector Annual Conference in San Francisco

Speaker: Deborah Meehan, LLC’s Executive Director

Date: November 2012

Overview: In this session, “Engaging Networks for Impact”, Deborah will share what the Leadership Learning Community has been learning through our joint work in the area of community leadership and collective impact, and make the case about why we in the field of leadership development need to think differently about whose leadership we develop, how we develop collective leadership, and the impact we have.

Conference: 26th Annual Conference of the American Evaluation Association

Speaker: Claire Reinelt, Kelly Hannum

Date: October 2012

Overview: How can evaluation approaches be used to catalyze better goal-setting, collaboration and communication among community collaboratives designed to achieve “needle-moving” impact?

Conference: Strongfield Project

Speaker: Deborah Meehan, LLC’s Executive Director

Date: May 2012

Overview: Deborah Meehan consulted on the design of the SFP Institute and was a featured speaker for a plenary session:  The Story of the SFP Network.  For more info:

Conference: Our Future Beyond Crisis: Network Leadership for a 21st Century Social Sector

Speaker: Deborah Meehan, LLC’s Executive Director

Date: January 2012 

Overview: Deborah Meehan, LLC’s Executive Director, was a featured speaker at The Center for Leadership Innovation's 2012 National Summit in New Orleans. This summit, entitled Our Future Beyond Crisis: Network Leadership for a 21st Century Social Sector, was focused on social innovation, multi-cultural leadership and network leadership. Deborah's session was Network Leadership: Scaling Innovation in the Social Sector.



Conference: American Evaluation Association Annual Conference

Speakers: Claire Reinelt, LLC; Kim Ammann Howard, BTW informing change; Melanie Moore, See Change 

Date: November 2011

Overview: Claire Reinelt, LLC’s Research and Evaluations Director, co-presented with Kim Ammann Howard from BTW informing change and Melanie Moore from See Change at the 2011 American Evaluation Association conference. The presentation focused on the promising practices and unique challenges of three different network evaluations “Evaluating Networks: The Evolving Practices, Their Promises and Perils.” The session included a discussion of the pros and cons of different data collection and analysis methods, value creation strategies for network learning processes, and the role of sponsors, facilitators and evaluators in these processes.

Conference: Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions Annual Meeting

Speaker: Deborah Meehan, Executive Director for LLC

Date: November 2011

Overview: The Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions is a network of seventeen leading conservation organizations from the United States and Canada partnered to pursue a Common Vision for Environmentally Sustainable Seafood.   Alliance members bring conservation expertise to seafood buyers and suppliers so businesses and the ocean and freshwater resources they depend on can flourish.   

Deborah Meehan, LLC’s Executive Director, was the keynote speaker for this conference. Deborah focused on key ideas and questions to help the group explore the implications of lessons learned from successful networks. 

Conference: GEO Network Conference

Speaker: Claire Reinelt, Research and Evaluations Director at LLC

Date: October 2011

Overview: GEO and the Monitor Institute hosted an interactive convening focused on how funders can increase their impact by supporting networks and embracing more open and collaborative approaches to grantmaking. Attendees explored concrete examples and tools that grantmakers can use to tap the power of networks and increase peer-to-peer learning among grantmakers who are experimenting with networks. Claire Reinelt, LLC's Research and Evaluations Director, facilitated a round table discussion on what it means to lead in networks and how to cultivate network leadership. 



Conference: Alliance for Nonprofit Management Conference

Speakers: Deborah Meehan, LLC’s Executive Director; Dahnesh Medora, Director of Programs, TACS/Nonprofit Association of Oregon; Judy Freiwirth, Psy.D., Principal, Nonprofit Solutions Associates

Date: October 2010

Overview: Deborah Meehan, LLC’s Executive Director, partnered with Dahnesh Medora, Director of Programs, TACS/Nonprofit Association of Oregon, and Judy Freiwirth, Psy.D., Principal, Nonprofit Solutions Associates for a session at the 2010 Alliance for Nonprofit Management Conference.  The session was focused on Shared Leadership: Why it Matters and How to Help Nonprofits Get There.  


Conference: National Public Health Leadership Development Network Conference

Speaker: Claire Reinelt, LLC's Research and Evaluation Director

Date: April 2010

Overview: Claire Reinelt, LLC's Research and Evaluation Director, participated in the National Public Health Leadership Development Network Conference, as the keynote catalyst for the session "Vision 2020:The Future of Leadership Development."
Date: April 2010


Conference: GEO 2010 Conference: “Collective Leadership: Nurturing Vibrant Organizations and Catalyzing Community Change” 

Speaker: Deborah Meehan, LLC’s Executive Director

Date: April 2010

Overview: The highly interactive panel, titled ‘Collective Leadership: Nurturing Vibrant Organizations and Catalyzing Community Change, was facilitated by Deborah Meehan, LLC’s Executive Director. The panel also featured the following speakers: Barbara N. Squires, Senior Associate, The Annie E. Casey Foundation; Dale Nienow, Executive Director, Center for Ethical Leadership; and Miho Althea Kim, Executive Director, DataCenter.

Conference: International Leadership Association Conference

Dates: 2011, 2010

Overview: LLC has hosted several panels over the years at ILA, including the following:

-          Network Approaches to Leadership, in partnership with World Café Europe

-          The Future of Leadership Development: Collective Leadership

-          The Power of Bringing Networks to Scale:  Leadership in the Age of Social Media