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Jolie Bain Pillsbury Bio

Jolie Bain Pillsbury

Jolie Bain Pillsbury works with non-profit, philanthropic and public sector leaders. Her focus is on helping these leaders produce results.  She works with individuals, teams and cross-sector groups to develop their capacity to make aligned contributions to measurably improve the well being of people at the program, organizational and community level.Currently, Dr. Pillsbury is a faculty member for the Annie E. Casey Children and Family Fellowship and the Baltimore City Department of Social Services Results Based Leadership Program.

In addition, Dr. Pillsbury is the architect of the Annie E. Casey Leadership in Action Program (LAP) where a group of cross-sector community leaders work together to make a measurable improvement in child, family and community well being. Currently, there are LAPs in Maryland and Georgia creating improvements in the number and percent of children entering school ready to learn and LAPs in Indiana improving the number and percent of adult ex-offenders who successfully reintegrate into their communities.

Dr. Pillsbury is the developer of Results Based Facilitation TM (RBF). It is a method designed to help groups move from talk to action that produces results. She recently facilitated Performance Partnership Summits in Arkansas and Texas for the Smoking Cessation Leadership Center at University of California at San Francisco. These statewide summits enable multi-sector leaders to produce in one day an Action Plan n that reflects their commitments to actions to reduce the number and percent of smokers in their state.

Along with her leadership development and facilitation work, Dr. Pillsbury holds positions in academic and professional organizations. She is a founding m ember of the Results Based Facilitation Network,, a Co-founder of the Results Based Leadership Consortium, and a founding co-director of the Results Based Leadership Collaborative, School of Public Policy, University of Maryland at College Park, In all these positions, Dr. Pillsbury works to develop and implement effective leadership and facilitation practices by working with practitioners to improve methods and skills; and, with researchers to develop an evidence base for practice.  The tools and methods for results based leadership practice can be found on the Results Based Leadership Application web site,