Generating ideas, connections, and action

Our Mission

We strive to advance a more just and equitable society by transforming the way leadership development work is conceived, conducted and evaluated.  We believe that promoting leadership as a process that is more inclusive, networked and collective will have a greater impact in advancing equity.

Our work:

As part of our core work, we provide members with unparalleled access to resources and networking opportunities. Our members include a diverse group of funders, practitioners and consultants, all of who are engaged in leadership development work. We identify emerging ideas and methodologies and host face-to-face and online learning opportunities, such as learning circles, where members are invited to explore new developments in the field. We are committed to documenting, posting and publishing the outcomes of the meetings through our pioneering website and wikis.


We offer high-quality consulting services that leverage our unique expertise and network to help foundations and leadership development programs optimize their investment strategies. We partner with foundations and leadership development programs to help them understand the challenges and opportunities in their area of work, evaluate the impact of their current leadership programs and initiatives, and develop networks that connect program participants and increase the sustainability and influence of their leadership.

Our values:

We demonstrate our values of transparency, collaboration and diversity in everything we do and create an environment that bridges differences and fosters trust.

How we think about leadership development:

Successful leadership development is about more than providing individuals with skills training or new experiences, it is also about deep connection, commitment, love and learning. Optimal leadership development pays attention to what leadership is called for to respond to rapidly changing environments in which we live; challenges conventional thinking about what effective leadership looks like; and responds to what the field of practice has learned about how to cultivate and support inclusive, diverse, and emergent leadership. Leadership development that strives towards social equity creates an environment for asking difficult questions, challenging shared assumptions, and uncovering insights about how to develop leadership that can cross boundaries, collectively act together, navigate and expand networks, and jointly engage in solving complex problems.